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How to eliminate white noise in iZotope RX

Spectral De-noise can be used to eliminate various types of noise (Standard and above).

Here's a tipsy story about iZotope RX.

Spectral De-noise in iZotope RX is a frequently used noise reduction module.

It can be used to remove most noises such as room reflections, white noise during A/D conversion, and environmental noises such as air conditioners and fans. It's very useful.

How to remove white noise with iZotope RX

The basic usage of iZotope RX is to run it standalone. This section assumes standalone operation.

The first step is to specify the part of the imported track that is silent, where no vocals are being sung or instruments are being played. This can be done by dragging the desired area with the mouse. When specifying, be sure to cover the entire vertical width.

Once you have specified the area where there is no performance, click on Spectral De-noise to launch the Spectral De-noise module.


Once Spectral De-noise is launched, it will store the noise information as a signal from the blank area you specified. Click "Learn".

After the noise information is recorded by Learn, de-select the blank area of the track. Click on the desired location on the track.

When you are done deselecting, click "Render" on the Spectral De-noise.


Now you can remove the noise without significantly damaging the material.

The trick of Spectral De-noise is to store the noise as a signal and remove it from the entire track to achieve noise removal.

The trick is not to remove too much noise.

 The trick to using RX Spectral De-noise is to adjust the amount of noise removal by operating the "Reduction" button on the right side of the screen.

 The trick here is that if you remove too much noise, the high frequency component will be lost and the audio will sound unnatural. To avoid this, we recommend the "output noise only" function at the bottom of the screen. By checking this box, you can listen to only the noise components that have been removed. It is a good idea to use this from time to time to get the sound in good shape.

Effect of Spectral De-noise

Spectral De-noise can be used to remove noise from recorded material to bring out the sound of a song or instrument more clearly. Spectral De-noise can also be used to remove noise from mixdown and mastering tracks when they are analogized or reamped, which makes the whole song sound tighter. Please try it out on a variety of materials.

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