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Effects of mastering

We have created a video to show the effects of mastering that we offer at Horizon Sound. In the video above, we compare the sound before and after mastering. Please take a look at it for reference before making a request.

The above video is available on YouTube, and will be very helpful if you are considering mastering and finishing your music for YouTube distribution. As you know, simply increasing the sound pressure by loudness normalization does not produce true sound power.

At Horizon Sound, we take loudness normalization into account when mastering music to ensure that it is truly powerful.

If you would like to test the effect of mastering on your music, please contact us by attaching the sound source (email attachment or cloud storage) and stating that you would like to check the effect of mastering.

You can order from the banner below. To view in English, please select "EN" from the language switch menu in the upper right corner.

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