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Drawbacks of the famous cheat plugin Zynaptiq INTENSITY

INTENSITY, a Zynaptiq plug-in, was developed based on the technology of facial recognition algorithm.

When you hear the term "face recognition algorithm", you may think, "Does it recognize faces? But of course, it doesn't! It's a magical plug-in that allows you to bring out details and gain loudness by simply turning up the orange circle knob on the left. It is also called a "cheat" because of its simple operation and effect.

In this article, I will discuss the drawbacks of Zynaptiq INTENSITY as a result of my experience with this cheat plug-in. Why drawbacks? I'm sure you're wondering why, but the merits of Zynaptiq INTENSITY have been talked about everywhere. By the way, you can try the Zynaptiq INTENSITY for one month, so you can try to insert the Zynaptiq INTENSITY into various genres of music and see if it makes your ideal sound.

Disadvantages of Zynaptiq INTENSITY

Let's get started. I think there are three weak points.

  1. They all sound the same.

  2. The bass becomes floppy.

  3. CPU load is high

By the way, I felt the above disadvantages during the trial period, and I found out that I can get the same effect as Zynaptiq INTENSITY by combining other effectors, so I decided that I don't need Zynaptiq INTENSITY. If you're thinking of keeping it for now because it's a "cheat" or because it has a good reputation, I suggest you make your decision carefully because it's not a cheap purchase.

Disadvantage #1: They all sound the same

If you want to correct the sound after using Zynaptiq Intelligence, it is difficult, because even if you use another EQ after applying Zynaptiq Intelligence, the Zynaptiq Intelligence-like sound will remain.

If you want to compensate for this, it is better to make the sound before applying Zynaptiq INTENSITY and insert Zynaptiq INTENSITY at the end.

If you want to shorten your time, or for some other reason, you can just plug in the Zynaptiq INTENSITY and be done with mastering! I would recommend this plug-in to anyone who wants to master with Zynaptiq INTENSITY.

Disadvantage #2: The bass becomes floppy

This goes along with the first drawback, but the sound of the Zynaptiq INTENSITY is inevitable. This is true for both bass and treble. Especially in dance music, the bass is the most important part, so when mixing and mastering, I adjust and emphasize the bass so that it sounds good. However, the moment I plug in the Zynaptiq INTENSITY at the end of the day, the bass sound that I had been hearing changes completely and becomes the sound of the Zynaptiq INTENSITY. The Zynaptiq INTENSITY will forcibly change the sound of the band that I have adjusted intentionally into the sound of the Zynaptiq INTENSITY.

Some people say that Zynaptiq INTENSITY is a good plug-in for dance music, but because of these shortcomings, it is not safe to buy Zynaptiq INTENSITY because I am also a dance musician.

Disadvantage #3: High CPU load

If you have a single Zynaptiq INTENSITY plugged in and that's it, you're good, but most of the time you'll be using other effects besides the Zynaptiq INTENSITY, such as EQ and limiters. Most modern mastering-grade plug-in effects like EQs and limiters have oversampling functions. Oversampling is also a factor that increases the CPU load, so I can't let the Zynaptiq INTENSITY alone take up the CPU load.

I was particularly dissatisfied with the Zynaptiq INTENSITY when I had to re-record analog sounds, because the Zynaptiq INTENSITY's CPU load was particularly high. However, when I used the Zynaptiq INTENSITY for A/D of analog signals, the CPU load increased to more than double. I was so surprised. I had no choice but to split the project and use Zynaptiq INTENSITY in another project using the analog signal as material.

Zynaptiq INTENSITY Drawbacks Summary

You are free to use Zynaptiq INTENSITY to shorten your time, but it will be an expensive learning experience if you don't take full advantage of the trial period to check if it will give you the ideal sound you are looking for.

Zynaptiq INTENSITY is a double-edged sword tool that may lead you away from your ideal music if you do not understand the weaknesses of Zynaptiq INTENSITY. I think Zynaptiq INTENSITY itself is a revolutionary plug-in. Zynaptiq INTENSITY itself is a revolutionary plug-in, and I recommend it as the best time-saving tool if you want to achieve your ideal sound. As for me, my own feeling is that the range of use is not that wide, so I just tried it and that was it.

If you are looking to buy a Zynaptiq INTENSITY, it is currently on sale.

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